Invest in Pahang



  • 62 Chicken farm/ Chicken poultry farm

  • Proposed projects:

    • Wagyu livestock project in Mengkarak, Bera

    • Chicken processing plant / Broiler industry

  • Proposed initiatives:

    • Exploration and zoning mineral reserve area

    • Enhance mining activity quality using advanced and environmental-friendly technology

  • Proposed project:

    • Program Pembangunan Ladang Hutan (PPLH) 2.0

  • RAMSAR Tasek Bera

  • Bukit Senorang

  • Proposed Initiatives to bolster activities in Tasek Bera:

    • Equestrian Center

    • Caravan Camping Ground

    • Semelai Indigenous Arts and Crafts center

    • Raft Chalet in Sungai Pahang

    • Upgrade the existing Bera Golf Club to National Golf Academy

    • Rail Tourism - Old Jungle Trail

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